3 months later

I have taken up a new role recently, much happier and contented but extremely busy.

Nothing to lose! Nothing to lose! I constantly remind myself.

Met some really fabulous people at an event recently and they have inspired me to give life to this space. Now where do I start?

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Months ago I was shopping at Royce, preparing little goodie bags for my ex-colleagues as farewell gifts. J tagged along and insisted to buy a box of Nama Chocolates for me.

These chocolates are so good they melt in your mouth. Heavenly! It’s now one of my favourite chocolates. The Nama has to be refrigerated and cannot stay outside the fridge for more than an hour. I’ve only tried the Ecuador Sweet Flavour, it’s very rich and chocolaty. Gotta try the rest, especially Champagne or Au Lait! #cravings

japan nama chocolate

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coffee dreams

Yuki bought me a little gift from Hong Kong sometime ago.

A very unique espresso cup from the Nu Design Gallery in Hong Kong. It’s a branch-themed cup, the stirrer and handle are designed as branches, and there is another branch growing out of the plate. I dream of a day having my very own espresso machine at home and I’ll be able to use this. Meanwhile, lots of training to boost my caffeine tolerance. Thank you Yuki!

Hongkong Design Mug

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turning 26

Over the years, my social patterns have evolved, especially having a busy work life, I tend to dedicate my little personal time left to a few true friends and family. Nevertheless, I still feel loved with all the incoming birthday wishes every this time of the year. Thank you everyone who thought of me, and sincerely wished me on the week of 22 April 2014. I really appreciate. Also, a special thank you to everyone who wished me on Facebook, which I did not respond personally, so terrible, I know.

J has been really sweet for this occasion, spoiling me in many ways. Big hug! One week before, I was pretty stressed out at work and he sent me this bouquet, code name Operation Grey Skies.

Handwritten note! <3

A close-up of the flower arrangement with a combination of unique orange roses and carnations. Classy!

On my birthday, a very sweet and lovely bouquet came! Made up of eustomas, hydrangeas and green roses in pastel tones, too pretty!

Tiffany & Co
Plus a surprise gift from Tiffany & Co! #heartmelts

Birthday dinner at my favourite steakhouse Las Vacas, but instead of our usual hangout in Mont. Kiara, we decided to try the KL branch at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.

Las Vacas Steak House KL
Spacious interior, less crowd.

Las Vacas Steak House KL
Australian Rib-Eye, medium done, with an ice cold draught beer! Steak is good as usual, the only setback is that they do not serve Hoegaarden in this branch.

On my actual birthday, I was sick and feeling meh. J brought me to Busaba Thai Restaurant at BSC to cheer me up.

busaba bsc
Ordered the signature Thai chilli lime steamed fish, without chili, because I was having stomach flu at that time :(

busaba bsc
The table right in front of us decorated their seats with helium balloons, cuteness.

Thank you J for the memorable surprises and celebrations, they made me feel very special. Will be writing more about my birthday celebrations in upcoming posts, stay tuned!

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pigging out

Restoran Seng Lee which has been around for over 30 years in the Damansara neighbourhood closed down last December.

I’ve recently discovered that the famous wanton mee and curry laksa stalls have moved to a corner shoplot at Sri Hartamas, while the char kuey teow and pork noodles stalls have now moved to the corner store (same row as Seng Lee, near Hock Lee’s Minimart). Credits to J for the discovery! Love having these local delights for brunch. True Malaysian.

Restoran Jie Mee at Sri Hartamas. Read more about it here.

Wanton Noodles topped with char siew.

Flavourful bowl of Curry Laksa! Although I must say I prefer the other one at the corner stall near Hock Lee as they have an option of pan mee, and I prefer pan mee. Plus, they serve curry chicken in your bowl of noodles! Meat-eater.

Mui Chea Pork noodles, the broth is really good! Love all the innards and pork lard.

Char Kuey Teow. Tasted a bit garlicky, they said it used to be better before. Oh wells, still good. This is a ‘large’ by the way. Dining with J, that’s why.

I am extremely hungry while typing this post!! Shall make a trip to these stalls soon.

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true story

I had to detangle a triple-tangled, extremely fine necklace

15 minutes later and, I am still trying
my thoughts gathered, I am trying

feeling warm and impatient, dumb and silly
pulled out needles from the nightstand’s drawer
one needle, two needles
trying, trying, keep trying

on the verge of giving up,
I do not have a single thought
of trying

and I succeed

I felt an almost supernatural power, quite superficial, yet true
of not trying, and just doing

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fast and furious

March 2014, this was my first time watching F1 Live at the Sepang International Circuit. Very privileged for having grandstand seats, unobstructed view of the stage and pits, thanks J! Although we missed the opening of the race due to bad traffic and missing a turn, a significant turn.

F1 Malaysia Experience
I must say, the thrills and loud vrooms were quite unforgettable! The heat, too.

F1 Malaysia
I was drenched in my own sweat the whole time, here’s a pic to prove.

F1 Malaysia Experience
Claps! Lewis Hamilton of the Mercedes Team won. Old news, I know.

F1 Malaysia 2014
The race ended, and F1 enthusiasts hastily jumped (literally!) into the tracks to take photos of their idols, while we calmly walked out to grab an ice cold beer. Best.

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never thought I could spend a sunday afternoon like that, just looking at my toes and singing along to delta goodrem. thank you for being so thoughtful, J.

home spa
Say hi to Puff Daddy, he has been very entertaining.

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chocolate birthday cake
Jun Yong my nephew turned 4 in May. We had a mini celebration for him during a family dinner at one of the Sushi chains in town. This little boy is the gem of the family, so much love from his grandparents especially.

I, also known as his Mei Mei Gu Gu (pretty aunt, in mandarin), kind, sometimes evil (tough love!), will always take photos of him, just so he could look at them as he grows older. The best gift, something I wish I had.

Jun Yong Chocolate Cake Birthday 8
He seemed very amazed by the cake, or was it the Pikachu.

Or both.

Introducing, the other evil aunty.


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