This is me, one year older.


Being a food lover I am, the highlight of my birthday is a 4-course dinner at Sage, personally prepared by Head Chef Daniel at the restaurant’s open kitchen. I am amazed by the intricate art and taste of each course…



[def. from Wikipedia] …is a single, bite-sized course served to prepare the guest for the meal and to offer a glimpse into the chef’s approach to the art of cuisine.

Personalized menu on the left;

and on the right – Seared Goose Liver with Muki Hotate (scallop), Maitake (mushrooms) and Port Wine Sauce.


Pan Roasted Dai (fish) with Mongo Ika and Tarragon Beurre Blance.


My main course – Pan Roasted Maine Lobster with Sea Scallop and Nantua Sauce. 

Lobster which I didn’t have to peel! The menu was pre-selected, this curator must know me so well, making sure I have all my favourite seafood on this day.

Jon’s main course – Medium-raw Beef, that melts in your mouth.

Dessert – V.S.O.P Glace and Almond Nougat with Dark Chocolate Ice Cream. Heavenly!


And finally, a sweet surprise …

Thank you to this man who made it all possible:


Thank you for making my day special, and giving me a reason to dress up and indulge…after a rough day at work. ♡

Love, Carol


Anne Frank House

I have always wanted to write a piece about the Anne Frank House.

Anne Frank is one of the millions of victims of the Nazi prosecution of the Jews during the second world war. In 1933, when Hitler comes to power and establishes an anti-Jewish regime, the Jewish Frank family went into hiding at 263 Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, which is now the ‘Anne Frank House’, also referred to as the Secret Annexe in Anne Frank’s diary.


“One day this terrible war will be over. The time will come when we’ll be people again and not just Jews!” This is an excerpt from Anne’s famous diary which was published into a book.

A visit to the Secret Annexe in Amsterdam was heartbreaking. I saw the depressing living conditions of the family in hiding – an extremely dark and claustrophobic house; the people in hiding have to stay indoors 24 hours a day. The curtains are always kept closed. And as described in Anne’s diary: “During the day our curtains can’t be opened, not even an inch.”

I started reading Anne Frank’s Diary after the visit, and I’m very inspired by her talent to express her feelings so articulately through writing. I also admire her character and confidence in standing up for her own opinions. Mind you, she was only 14. Particularly reflecting this in a Malaysian/Chinese context, the culture of fear to stand up for something. The fear of being judged as being disrespectful for ‘talking back’, and it’s such a taboo especially to your parents. Nonsense. I don’t agree with this style of upbringing. All kids learn is to shut up, and poor child would never have the chance to learn a proper way to challenge ideas and channel their thoughts – a vital skill to survive in the modern world.

In the museum, there were exhibits depicting the harrowing faith of Jews under Hitler’s anti-Jewish regime. Photos are not allowed, and according to a sign, this is because the visit may be an emotional one for some visitors.

The queue to get in was almost 2 hours, and it’s all worth it. It has opened up my mind, learned a bit of history and has given me lifelong inspirations.


Invisalign Diaries – Photos!

To make my Invisalign journey more fun and joyful, I’ve gone shopping for ‘tools’ that will make my life easier.

In case you’re wondering, this is how the Invisalign aligners look like.

I have been wearing them for 3 weeks now… slowly getting used to it. Although still quite a hassle, but at least I’m able to remove them more smoothly nowadays. I recalled the first week being a little torturous. There were sharp ends on the aligners and caused blisters on my inner lips..had to make a trip to the clinic to get it fixed. They trimmed my aligners and smoothen the edges.

Next is to schedule an appointment to extract my wisdom teeth ! I’m very nervous about that.


Invisalign Diaries – Prologue

I have started my Invisalign treatment and I like to keep a diary about it, I needed somewhere to write, so here it shall be.

At the dentist's when they gave me my first aligners

At the dentist’s when they gave me my first aligners

Why Invisalign? Why braces? I’ve visited a number of dentists and they told me the same thing, “oh please you don’t need it … your teeth look just fine.” I beg to differ. I must admit I don’t like how my teeth look. In my opinion, the bottom row has some serious crowding issues and the top row are not aligned. For photos, I rarely smile with my teeth showing … I always thought I look better with my mouth shut.

After considering for one year (or more), numerous visits to different clinics, gathering all sorts of opinions…I finally signed up for it. RM17,800, that’s how much it costs, and a couple thousand more for wisdom teeth extraction. I still feel a burn in my pocket when thinking about the fortune it is going to cost me, or already cost me …

What makes me push the buttons? 1. I know I really wanted it; 2. I found an experienced orthodontist (although I have some minor complaints, come back to that later); 3. It is going to take a minimum 2 years, I shouldn’t procrastinate! “Go for it!” I told myself.

My Invisalign Kit

My Invisalign Kit


6 years and counting

Happy sixth birthday carolkoh.net !

Phillip Island

To commemorate this occasion, here’s a jump shot from my trip Down Under 3 years back. Taken at the Churchill Island Heritage Farm en route to Phillip Island, had a really good time there! Scenic coastal view and nice summer breeze. #Throwback

So yes I’ve just renewed my domain for another 2 years – embracing the blogging culture! Although it’s obvious that the trend is shifting towards micro blogging and mobile. Somehow this space inspires me to share as it allows the freedom to customize and it better showcases photos…plus that nostalgic factor. 6 years and counting…





Coco Chanel: “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

I left it to the stylists at TONI&GUY – great talented people that I met at a work meeting.

Experience was great! First it was the French Press Coffee they served me, followed by a very elaborate head massage with superb calming effects, then there was British Vogue to read plus a good selection of British music playing..I’m becoming one of those – willing people who splurge for hair cuts!


Joining the LOB (long bob) Club! This must be the shortest my hair has been in years. Best thing about it – saves me plenty of time while getting ready in the morning.

I have J to thank for taking care of this bill. Thank you lava.



cheer chen

“乾脆踏踏實實地淋了一場雨,在雨中也不會跑步,就慢慢地走。感受…這叫什麼…豁出去的感覺。一次就可以讓我很深刻。我在想面對自己最害怕的事情,最恐懼的東西,有時候也許可以用一種…狠狠地去淋一場雨,把你的保護傘…然後把所有你認為可以依賴的東西…放棄,也許就這麼一次會有這樣的體會。” ﹣陳綺貞