Singapore, Noms

1. Poulet French Casual Dining

A Singaporean friend treated me to the famous French roast chicken in Poulet. We went to the outlet in Westgate Mall. They have a few other branches around the city. Love the chicken and pork! Escargots were good too. Yums!

Poulet Singapore
Poulet Singapore
Poulet Singapore
Completed our meal with Ben & Jerry’s rich chocolate ice-cream!

2. Dempsey Hill

Brunch at Jonas the Grocer! The Big Breakfast is really up to standard, one of the best!

dempsey hill singapore

3. Jamie’s Italian

I have always been a big fan of Jamie Oliver! The opening of his new restaurant in Vivo City got me very excited. The queue was insane, I might have waited 2 hours for a seat! But that didn’t stop me from dining there, I even went there twice since its opening in July 2013.

The restaurant manager was very chatty and friendly. He recommended the chef’s special pasta which wasn’t in the menu, forgot the name of it, to be fair I had this 6 months ago.  Thought the pasta was a bit dry and uncooked, but the desserts were heavenly! Love the brownie, the best I had so far.

Singapore Jamie Oliver Vivo City
Singapore Jamie Oliver Vivo City

4. O’Coffee Club

While waiting for our table from Jamie’s Italian, we were starving and decided to have a quick pasta treat at O’Coffee Club, Vivo City. I can’t recall the name of this pasta, but it was so good! The scallops were fresh, and those cavier roes. Oh M Gee.

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_525

5. Maxwell Food Centre

Decided to try some local delights at the famous hawker centre. Quite disappointed as this dish tasted sweet-ish.

Maxwell Food Centre

6. Kraze Burger

Burger cravings, satisfied at Kraze Burger in Marina Bay Sands.

Kraze Burger

7. Tiong Bahru Bakery

Thumbs up for their croissants! I went to the branch in Raffles City, think they have a few other branches around the city. Read a more extensive review here.

Tiong Bahru Bakery

8. Kith’s Cafe

The breakfast sets in this neighbourhood cafe is insanely good! I’m not a fan of sausages, but these bratwursts changed me! It is located at Robertson Quay, quite a long walk from Clarke Quay but it was quite enjoyable to stroll along the riverside. Heard they have a new branch in Park Mall Orchard. Cools!

Kiths Cafe
Kiths Cafe

9. Ya Kun Kaya Toast

The name says it all, their Kaya Toast is a must-try. I love soft-boiled eggs for breakfast!

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Read about my memorable experiences in Singapore here.

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This blog must be revived! For a start, I’ve compiled a list of 15 memorable experiences from my trips to Singapore last year. It’s my favourite destination for a quick weekend getaway because of how easy it is to get there! Plus it’s always so much fun.

1. Art Science Museum

Cool place to visit if you are into art/culture. I visited two exhibitions in the past year, Mummy The Secrets of the Tomb and National Geographic 50 Greatest Photographs. Both were very informative and inspiring! Check out their Facebook page for latest updates on exhibitions.

Singapore Art Science Museum
Singapore Art Science Museum
Singapore Art Science Museum
singapore art science museum
Singapore Art Science Museum
Singapore Art Science Museum

2. Leisurely walk from Clarke Quay to Ann Siang Hill

Knowing that the downtown hip hangouts Clarke Quay, China Town and Ann Siang Hill are in close vicinity, I’ve decided to beat the afternoon heat and walk from my dorm at Clarke Quay to Maxwell Food Centre for some local delights. The street view along the way was amazing, plus it was a nice surprise to discover so many quirky shops and cafes at Ann Siang Hill. Victorious Smile.Singapore Ann Siang Hill Walk 1
When old meets new. The modern architecture of Park Royal Hotel (left) and an Indian Temple at Pagoda Street (right).

Singapore Ann Siang Hill Walk 2
Temple Street

Singapore Ann Siang Hill Walk 3
A Buddhist Temple in China Town.

3. Marina Barrage

Park strolls amid the city. Nice walk from Marina Reservoir to Marina Bay Sands. Caught a glimpse of sunset too! I visited on a weekend, the wide green fields were filled with Singaporean families, having picnics on their mats.

Singapore Marina Barrage
Singapore Marina Barrage
Sceneries along the way, I had a really good and relaxed time here.

Singapore Marina Barrage

4. Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island

The hip and happening beach hangout, with loud music from the row of pubs at the beach. Imagine a hot afternoon with a mug of ice cold beer, people-watching your day away. Forget about swimming or water sports, this is more like a lazy Sunday chill out or sun tan spot.

Singapore Siloso Beach

Singapore Siloso Beach
Singapore Siloso Beach

5. Gardens by the Bay

The Flower Dome was really impressive. I was there in December, the huge indoor garden was decorated with Christmas trees and teddy bears, how thoughtful!

Gardens by the Bay 1 (3)
Gardens by the Bay Singapore
Singapore Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay 1 (4)
The view of city was quite amazing from the Supertree Grove.
Gardens by the Bay 1 (5)

6. Haji Lane

“This tiny lane, hidden away in the heart of the Muslim quarter, is a fashionista’s paradise. With very little fanfare, the collection of narrow shop-houses have, in less than a year, been transformed into an aggressively hip retail stretch recalling Le Marais in Paris or New York’s Meatpacking District.”TIME

Hipster place to be.

Singapore Haji Lane

7. Raffles Hotel

Lavish! Nice colonial style building, and they pride themselves on being the icon of Singapore. The Mint Museum of Toys is located right behind the hotel, seeing the great collection of vintage toys and and childhood memorabilia in the museum is an eye-opening experience.

Raffles Hotel Singapore

8. Level 33, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1

I love sky bars! This bar at the Level 33 (literally!) of the financial tower at Marina Bay Sands area is famous for its freshly brewed craft beer, and the panoramic view of Marina Bay.

Level 33 Singapore
I was here on a Friday evening, the place was filled with investment bankers and expats. Me and my girlfriends looked a bit awkward in this setting, the rare ladies in the house!

Level 33 Singapore

9. New Asia Bar

What’s an alternative to the always crowded 1Altitude or overpriced Ku De Ta? New Asia Bar.

A friend brought me here, knowing that I’m crazy over night views of city. The bar is at Level 70 of Swissotel Hotel. No open air decks like 1Altitude or Ku De Ta though. Give and take.

Singapore New Asia Bar
Singapore New Asia Bar

10. Esplanade

Didn’t know about their Sunday afternoons free public shows until a friend brought me here. Beautiful music! We hung around till evening and enjoyed the outdoor shows as well. Oh the love for arts and music!

Esplanade Singapore

Esplanade Singapore

11. Singapore Night Festival

Singapore Night Festival 2013 was a blast! Museums in the Bras Basah.Bugis precinct participated in the carnival and opened past midnight with music performances, shows etc. It’s an annual festival happening in August. Watch out for the next one! Although it could be a little crowded but it’s really worth visiting.

National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of Singapore

12. Books Actually

An indie bookstore at the Tiong Bahru Estate.

Books Actually Singapore

Books Actually Singapore

Books Actually Singapore

13. Right across the street, there’s Forty Hands, serving quality coffee.

Forty Hands Singapore

Forty Hands Singapore

14. Getting there

My preferred mode of transportation to Singapore is always Jetstar. Well the fact is a bus ride would be more economical in terms of time and money. But I just love taking flights. This is why:

The sparkly view you got from the plane’s window. Priceless.

Back then KLIA 2 did not exist, I enjoy having my flight taking-off and landing at a less-crowded and luxurious terminal. And Jetstar seemed like the only reasonably-priced option during then. Fan of airports!

Changi Airport
Amazing art pieces at Changi Airport – The Social Tree (left) and the Kinetic Rain (right).

15. Staying in backpackers inn

Since I frequently travel solo, or with a bunch of young and adventurous friends, I always book dorms in the Clarke Quay area. They are affordable, convenient and fun! But my policy is always to book capsule-styled dorms as I value privacy. One night would cost about RM80 – 120, it’s the cheapest form of accommodation in Singapore, perfect for single traveller.

dorms in sinapapore

Picture shows (left) Bunc Radius Clarke Quay and (right) Woke Home Capsule Hostel.

I’ve bunked in Bunc Radius Clarke Quay twice, the first time wasn’t a good experience as they gave me the top bunk which I didn’t quite like. But the second time was a pleasant experience, and the lady at the counter recognized me. Very good location, 7-11 across the street and walking distance to MRT and Clarke Quay’s nightlife. Complimentary breakfast provided in the common area.

A few shop lots away from Bunc Radius, there is Woke Home Capsule Hostel. They provide a mini TV in the capsule which I hardly watched as they only showed 2 channels. The mirror was pretty useful though. The toilets are more spacious in Woke Home, however, I tend to like Bunc Radius better.

The common area of Woke Home Capsule Hostel is very cosy and vibrant, with complimentary all-day breakfast.

This one time I decided to be extra-adventurous and tried another location – the Bunc Radius Little India, since I read reviews that rooms are bigger and nicer. However I didn’t quite like the area, not much going on around and it’s quite a long walk to the MRT station. Clarke Quay will still be the better area to bunk in, speaking from experience.

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_2327

Bunc Radius Little India

Finally coming to an end for this extra long post. Proud face. Will be doing another post on FOOD in Singapore. Stay tuned!

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day 2 in taipei, it rained intermittently.
for the first time in my life, i strongly felt that i can’t live without an umbrella; and i almost bought a pair of fugly yellow rain boots.

while waiting at the station, I snapped this monochrome shot, of a lady, immersed in her melancholy.

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bustle, taipei

We were in a rush to meet up with Jian Xiao Jie, a Taiwanese friend, who runs her own food business. We’ve been treated to plenty of great food later that evening. Incredibly good 2/9th night!

I insisted that we walked up this bridge, for whatever reasons, the view from here was superb!

Then it started to drizzle, I just wished I brought along my tripod. For that time being, C’s shoulder did a great job.

忠孝东路, 走一遍。

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books, taipei

Those two nights we hung out at a 24-hour bookstore in Taipei City. Neither of us showed concern of time passing too quickly! Anxiety only kicked-in when it was close to midnight.

Fortunately we were able to catch the last train, but needed to take a cab from the train station to where we were staying. Buses’ operations have already ended by then.

Two nights in a row, the same cab driver picked us from the station. Such coincidence! On the second night, he greeted us with a smile and made a friendly comment of us working late every night.

We weren’t working, we were just too happy in the realm, of books.

Why can’t we have  24-hour bookstore/诚品书店 locally?

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In a small town 200km away from the city, I discovered the beauty of nature.










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Disneyland is a show.

The magic is as wide as a smile and as narrow as a wink, loud as laughter and quiet as a tear, tall as a tale and deep as emotion. So strong, it can lift the spirit. So gentle, it can touch the heart. It is the magic that begins the happily ever after.

Disneyland is the happiest place in Earth! I grew up watching Disney cartoons and personally adore vibrant and cute beings, probably that’s why I had such a great time in Disneyland.

having dear sis around really adds on to the fun, making it fun fun!

Adventure without risk is Disneyland. -Waltz Disney

A dream is a wish your heart makes. -Cinderella

Disneywords’ twitter account posts cool Disney quotes everyday :)

My current iPhone wallpaper. ♥ the proportion of this photo, epic!

Balloons for sale!

Disney does not have employees, only Cast Members.They thought us how to sketch Pooh bear in Disney Academy. It was quite fun & easy!

The only ride that I didn’t want to go on, I knew this would give me motion sickness.

Collected 2 medallion coins from HK Disneyland. I wonder how they came up with such cool ideas!

tried on Minnie’s headgear… tempted to buy but don’t think I would wear it anywhere.

We planned our routes quite well and manged to get on most of the rides + take photos with all the Disney characters. It rained for a short while, we were quite lucky that the rain stopped after a 30 minutes theater show. There weren’t super long queue that day too except for the weather was pretty hot before the rain. Anyhow, it was a memorable and happy day, would remember it for the rest of my life. One last photo to complete this post.

Where the dream takes you
Where your heart longs to be
When you finally found that place
You’ll find all you need.

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